Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Why Did I Become A Minimalist?

In the "about" section of this blog, I give more detail about why I became a minimalist.
But the short answer is: I wanted more freedom. The more minimalist I become, the more time, space and energy I have to do what makes me happy. And isn't that what we all want more of--being happy?
I'll give you some details about the minimalist aspects of my life. Remember, everybody's different. So you don't have to copy what I've done in order to find happiness as a minimalist.
  • My husband, dog, mother, her 2 cats, and I live in 450 square feet and don’t own anything that doesn’t fit in our RV. Even in that small space, we still have extra room.
  • I have a one-in, one-out rule: for most things I buy, I get rid of something else first.
  • We try to only buy what we need and not waste anything we already have.
  • I automate as much of my life as possible so my to-do list isn’t constantly packed full.
  • My clothing is a capsule wardrobe. I own 4 pairs of shoes. All of my clothes fit me, are in good repair and I wear them all the time.
  • I keep my personal life as drama-free as possible by not allowing negative people to usurp my time.
  • I put the health, happiness, and well-being of myself and my loved ones before money or material possessions.
  • I don’t care about keeping up with the latest trends. I prefer to own a few high-quality possessions that are durable and will last a long time.
My minimalist lifestyle can look completely different from yours, but we can still both be minimalists. There's also no race to do everything at once. I've been on my own journey to minimalism since 2011, and I'm still making significant changes!