All in Minimalist Basics

How to Declutter in 5 Steps

Whether you’re trying to clean, simplify, downsize or reorganize, it’s best to use a system when you want to declutter. Otherwise you’ll get overwhelmed and stop in the middle. Plus if you ever have to move, you’ll be glad you decluttered in advance. i use this method frequently throughout the year—even minimalists build up clutter! Here’s how to declutter in five steps.

My Minimalist Closet

For a lot of people, clothing is one of the most challenging areas to downsize, and that’s understandable. Our clothing is a reflection of our personality, and lends to how we are perceived in the world. It can serve as armor, costume, or beacon; it can flatter, insult, embarrass or elevate us. But the truth is, we spend too much time and money on clothing.