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Why is it that when we’re short on time, eating well is one of the first things we sacrifice? To keep healthy eating from falling off our radars when we get busy, here are my top tips. I’ve put them in order based on how much of the effort you have to contribute yourself, from you doing all the work to someone else doing most of the work. That way, you can determine what best fits your time allotment and budget.

Couldn’t everyone do with less stress in their relationships? Estimates in the U.S. still show a divorce rate of 40-50%, which goes up for second marriages. For unmarried couples in committed relationships, it's nearly impossible to say how many break up. Couples fight about money, kids, jobs, big decisions, little decisions. So how can we all get along better, and reduce stress in our relationships with minimalism?

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is the worst! I went to doctors for years to get help. I took countless medications, had invasive tests done, and never got any better. For a long time, doctors said IBS was one of those mystery diagnoses, where nobody understands the cause. Well, I was finally fortunate enough to have the cause of my IBS symptoms found, and how to fix them. Now I want to tell you how simplifying my eating habits helped my symptoms, using the best diet for IBS.