My New Resource for Chronic Disease

Hello! I’m taking a brief detour today for a quick announcement. As some of you know, I have decades of experience in healthcare and clinical research. I’m also disabled and suffer from chronic illness. So I decided to create a resource about chronic disease.

However, I recognize that a blog about minimalism is not the forum for this topic, so I made a separate place for it.

Not only that, but having chronic illness is not always very minimalist. There’s a lot of gear involved in managing symptoms, as anyone who has long-standing pain can attest to. The tools I use to keep myself as healthy as possible are the least minimalist part about me.

There’s only one post so far, but feel free to check out the new website:

And rest assured, I will continue Gradual Minimalist, with more information about how minimalism makes life better on the next post.

Thanks for reading!

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