Let It Go and Move On

How much pain, sadness, anxiety, frustration or anger are you carrying around with you every day? How much emotional baggage do you drag behind you in this life—in your job, with your family, from one relationship to another? How much are you being weighed down? It’s time to let it go and move on.

Where does it hurt?

What are the burdens you’re carrying? What are the things that keep filling your thoughts and heart with turmoil over and over again?

Make a list of them. Write them down, and be honest.

This may bring an increase in your discomfort, but it’s important. You have to know what you’re facing.

Let it all out

Talk to a trusted friend, and/or journal it. I recommend journaling especially. Write down everything that’s bothering you on a piece of paper. They say the connection between the brain and the hand is stronger when writing than typing.

Then I’m going to recommend you do something a little woo-woo. But I did this once years ago, and it really helped me.

It’s a type of purification ceremony. Take your piece of paper and (safely) burn it.

The symbolism of it registers in your mind, and what you’re holding on to goes up in smoke.

Here’s an example of the complete ritual, here: https://reneelongworth.com/cleansing-fire-ritual-for-releasing-and-letting-go/

Thank the universe/source for this education

However painful your experience, it has taught you something. Not only that, but you have survived it, and made it through stronger. So thank the universe, and congratulate yourself for making it through.

Focus on something new and positive

You have a clean slate now. What do you want now? For some tips, see my post about Spending Money Where It Matters Most. Find your happy place, and spend some time there every day.

Here are some other ideas to get you moving in the right direction:

Also, my friend and mentor Courtney from Be More With Less is offering her year-long course, A Simple Year for the last time in 2019. Check it out and see if it’s something that could help you make life better! Visit https://www.gradualminimalist.com/asimpleyear19

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